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  • 11 The comparison between the Index of Democracy in the political lookout of Belarusian society and the electorate of other post-communist countries surprisingly shows that in Belarus there is “a political system with the second highest share of ‘democrats’ 30 within the national electorate amongst all post soviet countries (only behind Estonia). In 1998, it was found that 41 percent of the Belarusian population are ‘democrats’ in terms of their political attitudes and their political behavior.” 31 On the whole, judging by the basic parameters of political outlooks, Belarus fits the framework of the “North bloc,” together with the three Baltic states, as it demonstrates indexes close to those of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. At the same time, the Russian population makes a different and much larger political compound, together with Ukraine and Moldova. In addition, Christian W. Haerpfer compares the indexes of political views of Belarusians in different years within the period of nine years (1992–2000) and finds the data remarkable: “In 1994, only 23 percent of the post–Soviet citizens in Belarus could be characterized as pluralistic democrats. In the four years between 1994 and 1998 the number of Belarusian ‘democrats’ almost doubled, reaching the level of 41 per cent.” 32

    12 Haerpfer considers one of the main results of his comparative analysis to be the statistical demonstration of the fact that the Belarusian electorate “does not fulfill the popular expectations nourished by international publications and media, which suggests that Belarus and, by implication, its population are non-democratic and somehow politically backward. In an empirical ranking of the six post Soviet countries analysed, the population of Belarus came second behind Estonia with regard to a support for pluralistic democracy. Only Estonia and Belarus fulfill criteria of an ‘emerging democracy’ TROUSERS Casual trousers Biarritz 1961 piXxN9sZF
    with a share of more than 40 percent of the electorate being ‘democrats’ in a very strict definition.” 34

    13 Another factor of a positive development of the democratic reforms in the country was the degree of political mobilization of the population in the early and mid-1990s. It is an evidence of the society’s readiness for transformations; in March and April 1996 the BPF organized mass street demonstration, attracting 50,000 participants. By comparison, the number of participants in the protests following the 2004 referendum, which allowed the president to hold the office for indefinite number of terms, did not exceed 5,000. The political protest against the falsification of the presidential election results in March 2006 attracted close to 20,000, but the level of the population’s political involvement at the time did not reach that of the mid-1990s.

    14 Many authors write about the responsibility of the political elite for the Belarusian “course of events” and the failure of democratization. “What counts most is what political leaders and elite make of the past, of economic dependency, and of the Russian factor,” 35 write Legvold and Wallander. Silitski believes that “an explanation of post-communist political development in Belarus should […] account for the factors and events that have influenced its transformation in the last decade, rather than being exclusively focused on the legacies of the Soviet past or of even earlier historical periods.” 36 Such analysis of the dynamic political process and not the structural objective data enables us to seek the subjective factors dependent on the behavior and choices of the political actors. Silitski believes that following “the process-oriented approach,” which states that actual processes are able to neutralize the negative legacy and affect the results of democratization helps to avoid the “spirit of predestination” characteristic for the studies of the Belarusian transformation in the context of its cultural and institutional legacy. Crawford and Lijphart point out that “the imperatives of liberalization” may become the tools for over-coming the communist legacy: “new institutions can be crafted and new international pressure can be brought that shut out the negative influences of the past.” Romy 100 Patentleather Pumps Sand Jimmy Choo London 7ZCbun
    The key concept in the process-oriented approach is “crafting,” which can be understood as a consistent, purposeful set of actions undertaken in order to initiate the transformation (or destruction) of a political regime. Womens Aida282245 Sling Back Heels Think QEViB1TT7
    However, when isolated from the cultural, historical, and institutional data such an approach “fails to address the factors that shape actors’ political preferences, the conditions under which these preferences change. And even the identity of pivotal actors.” Womens 729219 Closed Toe Heels Bata mWmaF

    15 The interconnection between the legacy’s different manifestations and the process of building a democratic system by definite people with their ideas and skills “to craft” democracy has a sophisticated design. Legacy— whether cultural, historical, or institutional—not only affects the state of the social landscape, but it also shapes political forces, and, in some sense, predetermines their political identity. At the same time, the way the elements of the legacy function is very much determined by the strategy selected by the political actors.

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    We create and support you in getting your content to the VR and AR spaces where it counts
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    We create and support you in getting your content to the VR and AR spaces where it counts
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    We create and support you in getting your content to the VR and AR spaces where it counts
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    We create and support you in getting your content to the VR and AR spaces where it counts

    We create and support you in getting your content to the VR and AR spaces where it counts

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    Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times, bow balloon sleeve mini dress Black Red Valentino DiZ5A
    — that Google has been far more demonstrative of its efforts to listen to publishers, describing Facebook in comparison as “difficult.”

    Part of the challenge is simply a lack of resources. In Europe, Facebook’s media partnerships team is still small — at around 25 people spanning multiple countries, including major cities such as Berlin; Madrid; Brussels; Paris; London; Oslo, Norway; and Stockholm, according to people with knowledge of the situation. In comparison, Google has been around longer and has a far larger European media team. Google didn’t confirm how many people it has working on media partnerships in Europe, but sources put the number at approximately 250 people.

    August 6 - 8, 2018
    Vail, CO
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    “Facebook has to start rebuilding the [business-to-business] relationship with publishers,” said Oliver von Wersch, a Germany-based publishing consultant. “A lot of trust has been destroyed in the past months due to Facebook’s unpredictable and unreliable actions. That will be a long way to go and is not only a question of top management attention, but also of operative resources, required in the day-to-day management of cooperations.”

    Publishers have long felt themselves to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to the trade-off between how much premium content to publish on Facebook and how much they can monetize it. Facebook is working with 12 publishers, including The Washington Post in the U.S. and Axel Springer’s Bild in Germany, to test how its Instant Articles product can drive subscriptions. So far the Hope amp; Ivy Dotty Mesh Maxi Bridal Dress With Embroidery And High Neck Detail White Hope amp; Ivy CdV3VcPy
    that people who saw subscription offers via Instant Articles were 17 percent more likely to subscribe to those publications directly from Facebook than those who saw standard web links, according to Facebook.

    Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that its conversion rates on Instant Articles are twice what they are for a normal article in Facebook in the tests, according to the publisher. The next goal is to identify the users’ propensity to subscribe within organic traffic from Facebook, and use that as a signal to drive the growth of La Repubblica’s subscriber base, said Massimo Russo, managing director of digital at La Repubblica parent company GEDI Gruppo.

    The subscriptions test hasn’t worked well for all publishers, however. Bild, for example, Womens 410 6701 7000 Closed Toe Heels Högl G9bZ4
    . But the tests indicate Facebook is keen to listen to publishers’ needs. Facebook is also exploring how to help publishers grow their digital subscriptions businesses on and off the platform, such as testing a button on a publisher’s Facebook page that allows a publisher to promote its subscription offer.

    Given that the two protocols induce distinct – and in the case of DP, unnatural – differentiation paths, we were curious how their final products compared with primary MNs (pMNs). We harvested MNs from the embryo of a Mnx1:GFP reporter mouse and performed inDrops measurements on 874 Mnx1+cells that were FACS purified from whole E13.5 spinal cords. Though the majority of Mnx1+sorted cells were MNs (73.8%, n=645), this population also contained glia (20.1%), fibroblast-like cells (1.8%), and immune-type cells (1.2%; GelResolution 7 Mens Tennis Asics MeCrkHgzp
    ; Figure 5—figure supplement 1 ). Using only the cells identified as bona-fide MNs, we compared the differentiating DP and SP cells to pMNs by both global transcriptome similarity of cell states centroids, and a nearest neighbor analysis of single cells. Global transcriptome comparisons confirmed that each state along the DP and SP differentiation paths becomes progressively more similar to pMNs ( Womens Devided Pump 2449252 Closed Toe Heels Bianco 7YFyoD
    ). The clusters most similar to pMNs were the LMN state from the DP protocol (cosine similarity=0.60), and the LMN state from the SP (cosine similarity=0.47). Since subsets of LMNs from DP and the SP might vary in similarity to pMNs, we analyzed the similarity of single cells from all three experiments using SPRING, by embedding all three data sets onto a single kNN graph. We performed this analysis including all cells ( Figure 5C–i ), and then including only EMNs, LMNs, and pMNs ( Figure 5C–ii ). Both approaches showed that pMNs closely associate with the LMNs of both DP and SP. It was also apparent that DP and SP LMNs are themselves heterogeneous, with particular subsets associating more closely with pMNs. Overall, a higher fraction of DP LMNs resembled primary MNs, as seen by calculating the fraction of cells in each state that had at least one pMN nearest neighbor out of its 50 most similar cells ( Figure 5C–iii ; 64% for DP, 6% for SP). DP LMNs therefore appear if anything more related to pMNs in gene expression than SP LMNs, despite their unusual developmental path.

    Figure 5 with 1 supplement
    Download asset AW BBall Lo sneakers Black adidas Originals by Alexander Wang IDu6n7h

    () tSNE visualization of 874 single cell transciptomes from FACS purified Mnx1+MNs from embryos reveals heterogeneity within this population. To make comparisons between DP and SP with pMNs we …

    Figure 5—figure supplement 1
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    This figure shows the raw expression of a set of marker genes that were used to identify the subpopulations indicated in main text Figure 5A . Two markers are shown per subpopulation, with their …

    The differences in similarity of DP and SP derived MNs to primary MNs can be understood in terms of differences in maturity and identity of the cells. As expected, both DP and SP EMNs were less mature than pMNs, as seen by expression of the MN progenitor marker Mnx1 ( Womens Trailite Low Trainers Trespass eQArBFZA
    ). Among the SP LMNs we detected multiple subpopulations. One subset appeared more anterior than the spinal E13.5 pMNs, as indicated by expression of the hindbrain marker Gata3; the second appeared less mature than pMNs as indicated by residual expression of progenitor genes such as Mnx1 or Nkx2-2; and the final population was closely associated with pMNs ( Wool trousers Undercover lnRKEo5X
    ). Most DP LMNs by contrast were closely related to pMNs. They lacked the residual progenitor gene expression seen in SP, and they shared with pMNs the expression of genes important to terminal MN differentiation (e.g. Ebf2 and Ebf3). Beyond individual marker genes, we also systematically compared DP LMNs, SP LMNs, and pMNs by pairwise differential gene expression analysis ( DRESSES Long dresses Osman 0NtAK5dEg
    ). Overall, both DP and SP LMNs show limited gene expression differences to pMNs. In both cases there were 11 differentially expressed TFs. Of these, half were positional Hox genes that mark the most posterior MN pool and were enriched in pMNs, indicating a more anterior identity of the DP and SP LMNs. The remaining TFs included Gata3, which marks a hindbrain subpopulation of SP LMNs as noted above, and other genes related to neuronal maturation including Neurod6, Ebf2, and Mid1. These comparisons confirm the broad similarity of DP LMNs and SP LMNs, to pMNs, but reveal subtle differences between these terminal states that relate to positional identity and state of maturation.



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